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21950 Doral Road, Town of Brookfield, WI

In the Salto Gymnastics Complex


 Allegro Dance Teams & Company Ensembles

AEDC Dance Classes For All Ages

Come Be a Part of the Allegro Eminence Family!

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  ALICIA SIKORSKI      Alicia  is a former nine-year Allegro team member and captain of the Sr. All Star Team.    She has


  coached the Jr. Elite Team the past two years.   She also choreographs solos, duets and small groups.  Alicia is a 


  sophomore at Concordia University.

 KELSEE RAPP        Kelsee is a former five-year Allegro team member and captain of the Sr. All Star Team. She has coached the Mini Team and Jr. Elite Team, and this year will be the coach of the Youth Adrenaline Team.   Kelsee is a graduate of UW-Whitewater and is employed as an accountant.  






   BRIANNA POBORSKY     Brianna is a twelve-year Allegro team member and three-year captain of the Senior All Star Team


   She has coached the Mini Eminettes Team for the past two years and has also coached the Youth Adrenaline Team, taught


   classes, and choreographed solos, duets and small groups.   Brianna is a freshman at Marquette University.